mGetting married, has no impact on the CIBIL Score of either partner directly. As of now we have not reached a situation where prospective life partners, check each other's credit score before getting married. Employers have begun to ask prospective employees for their credit reports as part of a background check for top management positions and in the financial sector. This trend though common in highly credit driven economies is still in its nascent stages in India.

So coming back to marriage; though there is no direct co-relation between marriage and credit rating.

Credit Rating is an Indicator of Overall Financial Health:

A credit score is an indicator of overall financial health of a person. So whether you are seeking to apply for a loan or not keep an eye on the credit rating. A low credit score could indicate one or more of these; poor financial discipline, a high debt to income ratio, being to card happy or simply poor financial management. Either of these factors, whether alone or in combination with something else does not bode well. When one is getting married and looking at